Our House Building Progress

Here is what our house looks like as of this week. All of the framing is completed. We still have to add two roof dormers on the main part of the house, put the front door and back door in before we begin the roof and the brick process. 

This is our vacant lot in the very beginning phase of the building process, we had to clear the back side of the lot first, and then we staked it off.

Digging the footings.

Pouring the slab.

The first wall going up.

Now we have the second floor.

The back of the house. 

The back porch.

Sheathing and rafters complete.

This is the brick color we are going with on our house. After so many options we finally decided to go with this one. I never knew how stressful it was to choose a brick color!

Setting the rafters over the garage.

The stairs in the front foyer.

The fireplace is now framed.

We are SO excited and cannot wait to move in this spring!


  1. Your home looks so lovely! How exciting to be able to build!!

  2. I can smell the fresh sawed wood....... ummmmm, nothing like it!


  3. WOW! Congratulations in advance on the huge house! I love your style, Mallori! The brick color is amazing! How is the progress today? Keep the blog updated. We'd love to see the final result of your house building. Keep safe and good luck!

    Miley Waterman

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Miley! We are less than two months away from moving in. :) I'll work on an updated progress post to share. Thanks for stopping by!



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