Bucket Lighting Inspiration

I went to my first Atlanta Market two weekends ago and LOVED the experience along with getting tons of beautiful inspiration and ideas. A trend I saw over and over again was industrial, vintage inspired, natural materials and so many repurposed pieces. I was in heaven looking at all the new products coming out! We had such a nonstop weekend "working" and buying, which is one of my favorite things about what I do. I'm looking forward to the next one in April. 

Making lighting from repurposed metal buckets is a huge trend this year. Here are some beautiful lighting inspiration and ideas that I saw all over the market stores! 

I'm obsessed with these lights! 

I also love these looks too.

Who would have thought buckets turned upside down would make such gorgeous lighting!?
I just can't get enough of this trend. I bought a few buckets like the ones in the very first photo. I plan on making pendant lights using them. I'll let you know how the finished product turns out.

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Valentine's Sheet Music Banners

Hey friends! I was looking for some cute Valentine's decor and came across these super cute banners from groop dealz. It got me all excited and creative to make my own banners. 

Auntie Lolo Crafts

Sooo.... take a look at what I made for the store. 

Sheet Music LOVE Banner
These banners were so simple and easy to make. Cut sheet music, book pages or fabric, paint or write on them, hole punch each piece, and string them together with jute twine.

Sheet Music Heart Banner
These paper hearts are also easy to make. Just cut strips of paper, connect the ends with a staple, then bend the bottom of the heart, hole punch on either side, and string the hearts with twine.

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I'm on fire. . .

It turns out that Kelly at Eclectically Vintage. . .

has deemed my blog “on fire” and awarded me this big ball of flame. . .


Kelly has wonderful and inspiring ideas that you will love- so go check out her blog! She's been featured many of times for her talent. I've even featured her blog on my First Blog Award post.

Thank you so much Kelly!  


DIY Twine Letter

I found this great DIY idea on Pinterest and then put my own special touch on it. This twine wrapped initial was so simple to make! They make such great gifts, add a personal touch to any part of your home and they look just lovely as an extra accessory on a bookshelf or even hanging on a wreath. You can customize it any way you choose, the ideas are limitless. I've made several of these for Christmas gifts, by personalizing each one with different accents. Who doesn't love a homemade gift!?

All you need is a cardboard letter bought from any craft store, a roll of jute twine, scrap fabric for the flowers {I used canvas fabric} and a hot glue gun.

Start wrapping the twine around the letter. I started at one end, then cut where I needed and began a new section of wrapping. On this letter "H" I wrapped in 4 different sections. Be patient, this takes awhile to do, as you are wrapping you will scrunch the twine for a tight wrap around the letter so the cardboard won't show through. Tuck or glue the ends of the twine on the back of the letter.  

M A K I N G   F A B R I C   F L O W E R S
Cut 10-12" long by 3" wide fabric strips . . .

Then fold the strip in half and begin to roll and twist the fabric into a flower shape . . .

Hot glue the fabric end to the back, flat part of the flower, let cool, then hot glue the flower to the twine letter. It's just that simple!

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