DIY Framed Sheet Music

I came across this great idea from The Inspired Room and just had to give it a try. She used old book pages to make framed art, but I decided to use vintage sheet music instead. Both will work just fine for this project.

This project was great for all of those empty frames sitting around our store. I enjoyed making this framed artwork because it was SO simple and I already had all of the materials I needed on hand.  

Here's how to make your own framed artwork.

ONE: Find a large frame to paint.
TWO: Choose a book to rip apart.
THREE: Arrange the book pages to fit inside your frame.
FOUR: Use double sided tape and attach the book pages to each other.
FIVE: Cut foam core board or cardboard to your frame size.
SIX: Use spray adhesive and attach the book pages to the board.
SEVEN: Staple the back of the board to the frame.
EIGHT: Hang your frame and admire your DIY Framed Sheet Music.


  1. Great idea! I have some old sheet music hanging out in a cupboard so now it can have a purpose.
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  2. I love all things vintage and thrifty and frequently use book pages in my decorating so I just love your project! Love the items you paired with the art. Now following your blog.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm a big fan of sheet music, so incorporating it into a frame and decoration is genius!




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