Painted Upholstered Chair

Today I wanted to share with you a french chair makeover that I worked on this past week. I originally planned on reupholstering this chair but then decided to give painted upholstery a try instead. I'm so glad I did because I didn't have much invested in this thrifty chair. 

It makes a great addition in our foyer. 

So here's how it looked when I bought it.

Not awful but pink definitely doesn't coordinate with our decor.

Wow, what a difference!  I'm very pleased how it turned out.

Here's a close up shot.

To paint this chair I used two 8 oz cans of chalk paint and two 8 oz bottles of fabric medium mixed together. The chair fabric was super easy to paint. I ended up doing 2 coats with several extra strokes here and there for more coverage. The paint went on and covered really well. The fabric ended up feeling a little like leather once finished.

What do you think? Would you ever paint upholstery?


  1. WOW that turned out terrific!! What a pretty corner!

  2. Hi there, just came through from MMS. Am catching up on all your great posts! I'm loving your home and decorating style. Congratulations on the birth of baby Eleanor, she's beautiful!

  3. Wow, really great job on painting the chair! I love your home; it's very beautiful!

  4. So cool! How you do the trim! I guess it so hard...



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