DIY Bottle Lamp

I love the large clear bottle lamps from Pottery Barn, but they're a little pricey for me {$210-$350 each}, so I decided to make my own for a lot less. {$40}

Inspiration Lamps

First find a large wine bottle or jug. I found mine in a basement at an estate sale.

The story: I decided to stop and look around at an estate sale not far from our store after a customer of mine told me they had great things. After walking through the entire house and basement with my hands full from all the great treasures, I found a whole closet full of old wine in these beautiful bright green and clear glass jugs for $3 each. I took advantage of this great find and grabbed 10 or more. People just kept eyeing me and asking me, "Your not going to drink that are you?" I said over and over again, "I'm not; I'm just using the empty bottles." They couldn't see past the nasty old wine in the bottles, all I was thinking was these bottles will make beautiful lamps and vases when I get them cleaned up! You never know what you’ll come across; I’m constantly on a search for great pieces to repurpose.

Next you will need a bottle lamp kit which you can purchase in any craft store or hardware store. You can find a cork in your bottle lamp kit which is to cover the opening of the wine bottle. Bottles in different sizes are also applicable to most bottle lamp kits. If not, have your local lighting or hardware store assist you in the parts you may need. I decided to run the cord from the socket instead of the base of the lamp, so I didn't have to drill a hole in the glass bottle. Finally find or buy a lampshade, harp and finial of your choice to finish off your bottle lamp, now it's ready to shine.

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First Blog Award

Yesterday I received quite an honor, my first blog award! Jody at Homey Home Design nominated me for the Liebster award! Thank you so much Jody! Check out all the creative ideas on her blog.

 The Criteria: The Liebster Blog Award is meant to showcase bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers. This is all done in the spirit of pay-it-forward.

The Rules: You must mention and link to the person who awarded you with Liebster, and mention 5 other blogs with fewer than 200 followers who you think worthy of the Liebster!"

"‘Liebster’ means ‘favorite’ or ‘dearest’ in German. This award, which originated in Germany, recognizes up and coming bloggers! In accepting this award, I agree to:
  • Thank the person that gave me the award and link back to their blog
  • Copy and paste the award to my blog
  • Reveal the 5 blogs I have chosen to award and let them know by commenting on their blog
  • Pay it forward by awarding it to bloggers they would like to honor
The five blogs I’m passing the award along to are featured below.  These are all blogs with fewer than 200 followers and they all have great ideas and projects to share ...

Kelly at Eclectically Vintage has done a wonderful job renovating her 100 year old house, take a tour.
Aimee at Twigg Studios has such inspiring ideas, check out her beautiful book page flower wreath.

Chrystal at The Shabbiest Chick has me wanting a french hutch, hers is just stunning.  

Shannah at Just us Four has a creative way of making a stencil without spending anything.

Julie at Shabby Momma has a beautiful coffee table makeover you should check out.

I hope you visit all these blogs to see the amazing inspiration and ideas! Thanks again Jody, I really appreciate it!


Salvaged Shutters- Turned Screen

We had a customer come into our store looking for a privacy screen room divider and we ended up repurposing one from old salvaged window shutters for her. The original henge's were still intact from years of wear and tear and we were able to henge them together to form the screen panels. The chippy and weathered paint are original and coordinated well with her decor. This project was a lot of fun to work on with such a great customer!

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Gray Buffet Makeover

I was drawn to the clean lines, simple look, and abundant storage of this piece. Structurally it was in great shape, the finish, for its age, was really not that bad. Just a little patching, painting, and new hardware was all it really needed for an instant update. This piece of furniture sold within a few days at our store. The sweet couple that bought it are refurbishing it to a bathroom vanity. I just love that idea!

Here's the before shot.

Ugh... not so pretty, but I was pleased with the final product and so were the buyers.

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Thanksgiving Decorating

Can you believe it? Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away.

I wanted to share some decorating ideas for this special holiday.

It's a perfect time to reflect on all the amazing things that we are so blessed to have.

Rectangular gourd centerpiece

Natural Elements
Gather around a pumpkin candle holder centerpiece with natural birch branches, bright colors, natural moss and pine cones. {via BHG}

Display vintage dishes and jars with bright foliage
{via country living}


Fill a birch-bark box with an assortment of flowers, foliage, and fruit to create a custom centerpiece in fall colors.
{via Martha Stewart}

Table Setting
Antique turkey-themed transferware with its rich colors and patterns, inspired the mix-and-match look of the table. Homemade menu cards add a personal touch.
{via country living}

Creative Display
A modern take on Thanksgiving from the fabulous House of Smith's blog. 

Buffet Centerpiece
Add a playful yet practical touch to your table by bringing an outdoor piece- like a garden plant stand- indoors and displaying pies, plates, and desserts into the stand's arms.
{via country living}

Gobble, Gobble
Mixing a distressed dining table with elegant gold accents and orange-patterned plates add surprising contrast to a formal table setting.
{via Martha Stewart}

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Let me give a huge shout out to Tony at Evenpar Solutions for redesigning my blog! He did a great job and I couldn't be any happier with it. We will be adding more special features soon! Check out all the great work they do at Evenpar Solutions and you won't be disappointed. Also, I want to thank Jennifer McAteer Photography for the amazing profile picture, she truly is a talented photographer. 


Chicken Wire Frames {Pinterest Challenge}

Since I'm obsessed with all the creative and wonderful ideas Pinterest has to offer. I decided to join in on the exciting Fall Pinterest Challenge from Young House Love.

Since my Pinterest addiction runs deep, I thought I should challenge myself to make several things each month that’s inspired by all the amazing stuff I've pinned. It should help accomplish all these projects and ideas I've seen and stop-pinning-and-start-doing.

Here's what you'll need and the how-to:

1. An empty frame {I painted mine}
2. Chicken wire
3. Wire cutters
4. Staple gun and staples

Cut the wire to the correct width and length around the frame, staple the edges all the way around the back and cut the excess wire off.

 Check out all the wonderful ideas and while your at it, follow me on Pinterest.

Happy Wednesday!


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