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Giant Wooden Star

I came across this great re-purpose idea HERE and decided to give it a try. I made my own giant wooden star using vintage yardsticks and twine.

I LOVE all the different colors and advertisements on these vintage yardsticks!

To assemble the star just simply lay them out in a star shape, hot glue the edges and the places they cross. Then wrap twine around the corners of the star for a little something extra to finish it off.

This is a great inexpensive and fun craft project for year around decorating. 

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  1. Love it! My husband will probably insist on making one for are(already crazy) Christmas yard! Thanks for sharing..

  2. I saw the same blog. Fun to see how the same post created a very similar thing. I made mine out of new yardsticks and painted them. I love yours and the twine around the edges is great. I am going to be on the lookout for vintage yardsticks now.

  3. I have a slight obsession with rulers so this just floats my boat!

  4. Perfect...I have a stash of cool yard sticks waiting for me too. Now you've got me thinking. Thanks :)


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