DIY Coffee Filter Wreath

I've wanted to make one of these fluffy white wreaths for awhile now! It was so simple to make and cost less than $5. It took about an hour to complete, but well worth the time. I used a pack of coffee filters, a hot glue gun, a wreath form, and burlap ribbon.

Just take the ruffled edge of each coffee filter and poof them, then hot glue the bottom of the filters all the way around the wreath. Make sure the filters are glued very close to each other- to make your wreath full. I hung the wreath in our store with burlap ribbon.  

1 comment:

  1. Lovely wreath Mallori! So pretty! I tried making one of these last year and it was an epic fail! I used too small a wreath form and it ended up looking so weird, there was no opening in the middle after I added the filters on! Maybe I will try it again this year - your's looks so pretty!



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