DIY Pom Poms

I came across this simple pom pom tutorial from Dujour and just wanted to share it with you. I have several parties to decorate for in the coming months and I thought these would be perfect to make for one of the events. These fabric pom poms will add a splash of color and some girly touches to the decor. Aren't they pretty?

diy pom poms

fabric of your choice
hot glue gun
Chinese lanterns.
Step 1: Cut circles out of fabric.
Step 2: Fold the circle in half and put a little hot glue on the center, then fold over to secure.
Step 3: Apply more hot glue to the bottom of the folded circle.
Step 4: Press the bottom of the folded circle with the hot glue onto the chinese lantern.
Step 5: Repeat these steps until the whole lantern is covered. Once finished, attached some fabric to the metal frame of the lantern to hang.
I hope you had a great Easter weekend! I know I sure did.

1 comment:

  1. these are very cute and look easy to make even if they take a bit of time.



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