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I love to organize and have things neat and orderly in my house. I'm constantly looking for practical yet beautiful storage solutions that can make my life easier.

I recently saw this post on House of Smith's blog and was so inspired to get my pantry more organized and layed out better. I LOVE how she used a mixture of clear jars with bold labels, wooden crates, metal bins, a painted & stenciled wall, no boxes or clutter, and everything's visible for easy access. She even added decorative moulding around the edge of the shelving. It's PERFECT!

Here's a few pictures of her pantry makeover.

More Inspiration: 
These clear clamp lid jars are perfect to organize your pantry and kitchen cabinets. They can be found at Crate & Barrel.

via a delightful blog

I bought some clear jars with metal lids (similar to HOS)
at WalMart and reorganized my pantry! I also reorganized my cooking utensil drawer with black Rubbermaid dividers and trays. (also found at WalMart)  I then took it a step further and started organizing under my bathroom sinks with wire shelving, baskets, and clear containers from the Container Store.

I hope this inspires you to reorganize a few clutter spots in your home. After organizing a few areas of my own, I now feel better everytime I open those doors, drawers, and cabinets!

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