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Whether they stretch for three feet or six inches, vintage wood rulers are long on graphic appeal. Often used for advertising, they are great for fun projects because they have bright colors, cool promotional messages and logos, plus they all tell a different story. I came across these DIY ruler ideas from Flea Market Style. The original ideas are from the super creative and inspiring Layla & Kevin Palmer over at The Lettered Cottage. Check their blog out, you won't be disappointed. I absolutely love their vintage style, plus they're from Alabama too! Prattville to be exact. {my blog was featured on their facebook page a few weeks ago!} 

M is for "Mallori" A folding three-part yardstick is the starting point for creating a decorative letter. By drilling a hole and using a small rivet you can create other letters: N, A, E, F, W, L, H, X, I, K, T, Y, V, and Z.

This easy to make ruler-front shelf would look great in a kid’s room, home office or even a country-style kitchen. Cut 1x6 lumber to your desired length. Screw a yardstick to its front, leave a lip along the edge and hang it with metal brackets. Also you can make a ruler vase by cutting rulers and gluing them to a recycled tin can.

Say "Bless you" in vintage style with a homemade tissue box cover. Organize your office or kitchen by attaching office clips along the length of a yardstick. Make drink coasters with 1/2" square pieces of ruler, mix and match numbers, letters, and colors for a variety of interest and glue them to a thin 4-inch piece of plywood. Channel your old school days with a catchall pencil box made from rulers.  

Bond three triangular architect rulers together. Drill small holes and insert or glue wire; attach alligator clips for photos.

Make a striped place mat, just stack rulers, glue and screw on the backside. This same concept can be applied for making a table top, cut random lengths of yardsticks
{of the same thicknesses} and attach to a table top that has a lip around the top. {see first photo}

Jarman Interiors & Antiques rulers.

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