DIY: Industrial Letters

Industrial Letters Inspired by Restoration Hardware

I came across this idea on Paper, Scissors & Paint blog and love the look of these letters. They have rustic charm and the best part is when you can spend a fraction of the cost and get something VERY similar, just by making it yourself.
I'm all for it!

These letters were the inspiration:

This is the end result {don't you love it!? I sure do.}

. . . and the HOW TO instructions:

 She bought the letters at Hobby Lobby for $1.49 each.

She traced out the letters on the back of a barn wood scrapbook paper, and glued it to the front. I can't believe it looks so much like real wooden planks.

So, remember, the RH letters had a metal edging with rivets? She added that to hers, too. She took some trusty silver craft paint and added to the edge of the letters:


Once she had the edge painted on all the letters, she used a black craft marker to create an inner shadow. Just a tiny line around the inside edge.

Now, for the rivets. She used Spare Parts Screw Head Brads. She just used her trusty wire cutters to chop off the brad part, then glued them in the corners of the letters.

She spent around $6 and some time. She ended up spending about 30 minutes start to finish. Talk about instant gratification!

I can't wait to make some of these letters for my house and the store!


  1. WOW - Amazing project. The letters look great!

  2. Love this! Great idea!

    Dana @ craftedniche.wordpress.com

  3. I love people who do this! This is something you do when have one of those "Darn It!... I don't have 9 ba-ZILLION dollars to spend on a few letters, so I'm gonna whip out the scrapbooking paper and make me some of my own!", moments, LOL!

  4. Very cool! You sure fooled me,they look great!

  5. Awesome. I'm gonna pin this tomorrow because I don't know how to pin from this iPad.


  6. where can you find this barn wood paper?

    1. At Hobby Lobby in the scrapbook paper section.



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