New Uses for Old Things | Wooden Pallets

While you’re in the midst of purging and re-organizing, don’t underestimate the power of repurposing. Case in point: the lowly wooden shipping pallet. They’re easy to overlook leaning against dumpsters and tossed in ditches, but wooden pallets also have built-in rustic charm with a nod to industrial functionality. With a bit of TLC, they can be transformed into fresh furniture pieces or smart freecycled storage.

Pallet-Turned-Coffee Table
A bit of sanding, four casters, a glass top and a coat of stain or paint turn these pallets into large coffee tables with built-in shelves for storing books, magazines and remotes.

The basic construction of wooden pallets makes them prime
storage solutions. On the left, they’re stacked and lined with deep rectangular baking sheets for food and glassware storage. Mounted on the wall, the slats are perfect for displaying a collection of pretty plates. 

For apartment dwellers who want a balcony garden without tons of hanging baskets or heavy pots, line a pallet with landscape fabric to keep soil inside – then plant to your heart’s content.

Pallet-Turned-Day Bed
Add a futon mattress or high-density foam topper to a painted pallet to create a day bed or lounge. Perfect in a finished basement or a teenager’s bedroom.

 Mud Room Shelf for shoes via thriftydecorchic

Rustic Book Shelf via thriftydecorchic

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