DIY Project: Vintage Suitcases

I came across this first idea on Design Sponge and wanted to share it. Ashley Poskin created this lovely piece of furniture using a salvaged, vintage suitcase. What a great way to repurpose and use a piece of luggage as a coffee or end table while still providing plenty of {hidden} storage. Use 4 Screw legs and 4 bolt leg holders from Home Depot, And wa-la!

  • Waddell straight top plate hardware (4)
  • Waddell 4″ tapered table legs (4)
  • vintage suitcase
  • spray paint or stain for the legs
  • power drill
  • measuring tape
Turn the suitcase upside down, measure and mark out the four areas to place the hardware.

  • Find hardware and legs at Home Depot, but they are also available at a range of sites online.
  • This project works best with old suitcases that were constructed out of balsa/masonite or some other sort of thin wood. You want a case with a bit of thickness — something the screws can sink in to.
  • Use black spray paint to go with the black tones in this suitcase; dark wood stains look really nice, as well. 

This next idea is from Interior Designer Brian Patrick Flynn and his love for his rescue terrier Gidget, he upcycled a vintage suitcase to make a stylish and functional piece of canine furniture. Now this pampered pooch is lounging in high style.

Our store has a few of these vintage suitcases that would be perfect for this DIY project!

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  1. I think I might do the white trunk with legs on it. That is a great idea.



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