Chalk Talk

If you thought chalkboards were just for schoolrooms, think again. Chalkboard paint can be used anywhere and everywhere to convert wipe-off writing surfaces into usable chalkboards. Make them any size you desire and place wherever you like. From message boards, labels, furniture, walls, artwork, reminders, and tracking appointments. Or simply use the surface to draw and doodle, which will appeal to kids and the kid in everyone. It's great for organizing and personalizing just about anything in your home, office, or business. 

These FUN chalkboard labels came from Bradens Grace on Etsy.
Just buy some clear canisters or jars and get to labeling.

 These mini chalkboard table signs are too cute. Use them for labeling food at partys, showers, weddings, and buffet style dinners. They are also from Bradens Grace.

Reusable gift tags from reinspire on etsy.

More Inspiration:


Chalkboard clips for baskets and bins.

These colorful handmade chalkboard erasers are made
by Brooke at playing grown up. LOVE these!

Lovely Quote.

Beautiful spring mantel via the lettered cottage 

  And here are a few chalkboards I made. 

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