Mirrored Doors

We found these rare, antique doors from Australia on a recent buying trip. They have such amazing, chippy original mustard and light gray paint that can't be duplicated. 

We took the glass panels out and replaced them with mirrors cut to size for the doors.

They casually lean against the wall in our master bedroom behind our antique dresser. I love the way they reflect light so beautifully. They make such a grand statement since they are so tall.

I'm a sucker for salvaged architectural pieces and I have decorated with several of these mirrored doors in our new house. We even used antique doors with mirrors in one of our bedrooms downstairs as closet doors.

I hope you have a great day!

1 comment:

  1. Lové, lové, lové them.
    I too would have not passed them up, as for the yellow, it's a soothing butter pecan yellow that gentle adds to your room of calm. I love the grey in them being a fan of grey and wanting a touch of it throughout my home.
    I found some old armoire door, small petite ones but none the less they add to my home just stacked in a basket leaning in a corner of my sitting room soulfully reminding me why I love salvage.

    This is a room to love, and your mirrored doors added that little something that it was missing after you placed them right where you did. Funny how that all works out when a new find makes it into our home, it adds the right kind of rightness we were not even expecting.

    Come visit what I re-imaged in my kitchen.
    See you soon.




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