Revamped Church Pew

I hope you're having a great weekend! I just wanted to share with you an old church pew we found and repurposed recently. It didn't last long in our store, a lady scooped it up the day after we put it out.

It has come a long way since the blue, velvet upholstered seat that we tore off to expose the bare wooden seat. By doing that, it instantly updated the pew along with a coat of paint.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. The pew looks totally renewed now and no wonder it sold so quickly. I would love to have a store one day, but for now fix things up and sell from home when I find a suitable piece. I'll be checking out more of your blog.

  2. Much better than the blue! It looks refreshed and relaxing now, ready to fit in just about anywhere.

  3. It looks gorgeous and I LOVE the proportions of this one - it's not too long - perfect for a little nook or entry way!!!

  4. You totally gave this church pew a new look. Exposing the wooden seat was a great idea because the natural beauty of the pew really came out. And the pillows gowell with it too! It works great not only for decorating, but for seating as well. Great job, Mallori!

    Earnestine Kettering @ Covenant Church Furniture



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