DIY Sheet Music Pinwheel Banner

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching I thought I'd make a simple and festival banner out of vintage sheet music, letters, twine and clothespins for the store. This project cost nothing to make since I already had all of the materials on hand. Here is where I first saw this creative idea and just had to make my own.

ONE- Gather up your sheet music, old hymn books or vintage book pages. My favorite books to use usually have an old patina and can be found at estate sales. I just like how they look, but really, any book will do. You will need 2 sheets per pinwheel. 

TWO- Fan fold your pages. There can be as little or as many folds as you want, depending on how tight you want your pinwheel folds. This is something you will have to play around with until you get the look you like.

THREE- Fold each of your fans in half and staple or glue both of them on the fold. 

FOUR- Glue both of the halves together. You kind of just have to play with it until it looks and lays right.

Once dry, print off your letters onto card stock or plain paper and secure it to the center of your pinwheel.

There are so many different "sayings" you can make with these pinwheel banners! 


  1. I love your pinwheel banner. I have made a couple pinwheels and didn't know what to do with them once I was done. This is a brilliant idea!

  2. Looks amazing on your mantel. I going to have to put this on my list of things to try to make. Thanks

  3. I have been wanting to make something like this:)!

  4. Love the rustic feel of that mantel and the pinwheel ephemera paper garland banner, I have to get busy creating more with paper, I miss it so. Your banner looks great and so festive for the holidays.

    Thank you for joining in on my blog followers list and taking the time to visit.
    Thank you for your beautiful share.



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