Let's Talk About Antiques

For some reason, I have a real hang-up with the word "antique". I know what your thinking.... She's an antique store owner. I know...

Let me explain.

I love old and vintage things. I find comfort in bringing them into my home. And I've always lived surrounded by them. For some reason, the word just seems so dull to me. And antiques aren't dull. In fact, they're cool.

Antiques and vintage items are actually the best way to add your own unique, one-of-a-kind style to your home. And they can be used in different and unexpected ways.

I think when many people hear the word antiques, they think of old sewing machines, high-laced women's boots, and old dolls. But to me, those are my grandmother's antiques.

These are mine.

And at our store, Jarman Interiors and Antiques, these are not your grandmother's antiques. They're yours. Because it's all about what you love and what you do with it. 

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