Color Splash

Adding a splash of color is a simple way to get a new look without spending a lot of money. Color refreshes and brings life to a space. 

Here are a few ways you can infuse color into your home and liven it up. 

In this cheerful living room there is a rainbow of pastel pillows
and coral end tables that add welcome pops of color to the space. Colorful throw pillows with pattern give any room a punch of surprise. Pillows are fun accessories that can always be changed around from any room in your home.


Going off the wall
Hang framed vintage travel posters, use graphic wallpaper or
jazzy prints, and hanging decorative plates make a statement
without a major monetary commitment.  

Pick The Right Rug
Area rugs can add instant color. Make a long, narrow hallway say, “Follow me,” with a cheery, bright runner. A colorful throw rug in front of your kitchen or bathroom sink can stand out on your tile floor. If you get tired of a rug in one room, switch it for one in another part of the house for an instant, cost-free change.

 Play it Safe
A coat of paint instantly refreshes any room. If you’re afraid of overwhelming a space, try painting just one wall a bright, bold hue and the rest a softer shade. Eventually you can try painting a whole room a gutsy color.

Turn old furniture into new “wow” pieces with a fresh coat of paint in an unexpected hue.
Revamping things destined for the land fill not only saves the planet, but saves you money, too. Look at our {portfolio} tab of pieces we have repurposed!

Gray dresser from Jarman Interiors & Antiques

Red side table from Jarman Interiors & Antiques

Turn to Textiles
New slipcovers are a great way to add a jolt of color—and they can be changed easily. Another option is to swap out plain drapery for something vibrant. Even easier: Pump up the volume quickly and affordable with throws, fabric, bath towels, bedding and table linens.


Accessories are key to any room in your home, they are part of the layering process of any space. Colorful accessories can be found inexpensive at tag sales, flea markets, antique stores or from mother nature.

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