Updated Bathroom Vanity

Last month I shared a house remodel that I worked on recently. Today I wanted to show you what we did in the half bathroom. Originally there was an awkward small pedestal sink, floor to ceiling mirror on the wall, and outdated fixtures. 

Now this half bathroom looks refreshed and has plenty of storage with its repurposed server turned vanity. This piece of furniture was a perfect fit for the small space and it adds so much charm with all of the details and granite top. 

Here's what the server looked like before.

What a transformation!


  1. Wow Mallori, It looks fantastic. So I am doing the same thing. I found a lovely antique dresser that I'm having marble and an undermount sink installed in it. I also found a lovely gold gilt antique mirror. Yours is spectacular. I am gonna show my husband now so he could see how beautiful your bathroom looks. Great post. Love your blog and home.
    Follow mine if you can www.leeshideaway.blogspot.com

  2. Oh I wish you'd shared the process...the paint, wax.... I love this idea for a bathroom. Turned out perfectly beautiful!

  3. It's beautiful! So much better than anything a builder ever does.

  4. Gorgeous transformation! I have a buffet I've been hoarding for about a year waiting to use our for bathroom makeover. Yours has given me incentive to get that project going!

  5. What a beautiful transformation. Great job.

  6. Simply stunning! Everyone who sees it will be impressed and want to follow your idea. Enjoy.



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