Our House Building Progress- Part 2

This is the most current exterior photo of our house. For the exterior of the house we still have to hang our gas lantern above the front porch and hang the shutters. This week we will finish laying the sod and all of the landscaping should be completed as well. 

We are moving right along, but we still have five more weeks to go before we move in.

We've come a long way since January. Let me catch you up from the first House Building Progress post. 

They finished roofing the back of the house.

The dormers are now set on the front of the house.

Bricking began . . .

Then they bricked the front porch.

 Insulation installed.

 Now we have walls.

 Our master bedroom.

We wanted to bring several different architectural features in our new house and this brick wall in our dining room was one of the ways we did just that. I could not be any happier with the way it turned out!

Interior doors installed.

Beginning the first coat of paint in the foyer.

Crown moulding and trim being installed in the master bath.

Here are a few materials that we have picked out for the master bathroom . . .

. . . and for one of the upstairs bathrooms.

In the half bathroom downstairs I found a reclaimed cabinet to use for the vanity, which I'm so excited about.

Now the driveway, sidewalk, and extra back patio are poured. 

Next we will install flooring, cabinets, counter tops, plumbing fixtures, and lighting.

It's all coming together- it won't be long until we move in! 

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. What a beautiful home!!! I hope we will get to see how you will decorate it too. I love before and after pics. I have a few posts about our little home renovations on my blog. :)

    Naptime Nothings

    1. Thank you Sarah! Yes, I'll be updating as we progress. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. woww we can already see that this is going to be a very very nice house!:) love the white color inside so much! lots of love x

  3. Wow, looks like it's coming along great. Beautiful home!



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