In church yesterday our pastor spoke on generosity {2 Cor 8:1-7} and I began thinking of people in my life that are always giving and doing for others, one person that came to mind is my precious mom and her compassionate heart. She would rather give to someone in need than buy for herself, that's a great quality to have.

"Our giving is but a reflex of God's giving."- Sam Storm

Another person is Mrs. H, one of my favorite customers, she is the SWEETEST spirited and most generous person. We met when I first started my antique and vintage furniture business last year. We hit it off from the very beginning, when she bought a vintage galvanized watering can and a few other items from me. We both expressed our love for Etsy, design blogs, and crafty projects; from then on we have stayed connected through my store and my blog. We have become great friends and she always greets me with a welcoming hug. She is always giving and thinking of others.

 She brings me the CUTEST gifts by the store all the time! She is a lover of vintage and has a great eye for design. Thank you Mrs. H, I feel like I've known you forever! You never know who God will place in your path for a special reason, always be open for possibilities.

Here are a few of my beautiful gifts from Mrs. H:

 crystal candle holder- turned candy dish
{what a creative idea}

 vintage books wrapped in twine
{LOVE these}

decorative plate
{from france}

vintage metal basket
{it looks great in my kitchen}

"Generosity is impossible apart from our love of God and His people. But with such love, generosity not only is possible but inevitable." -John MacArthur

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